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Answers To Your Fire Protection-Related Questions.
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Are fire sprinkler systems required to be tested?

Yes. Fire sprinkler systems should be tested annually as well as a 5-year test every five years. This is to ensure that your fire sprinkler system will operate properly in the event of a fire and to correct any issues that the fire sprinkler system may have.

Will all my fire sprinkler heads activate in the event of a fire?

No. Typically, only the sprinkler head that is closest to the fire will activate in order to spray water directly on the fire and stop the fire's spread.

I am adding a new office in a commercial building. Do I need to add fire sprinklers to the new room?

If the current building has fire sprinkler coverage and the new room or office has a ceiling, you will need fire sprinklers in the added room. Harden Fire Protection can provide the  services needed to ensure you have the proper fire sprinkler coverage in accordance with NFPA standards.

Are there different types of fire sprinkler heads?

Yes there are! Not only are there different styles, there are also various types of fire sprinkler heads that activate at different temperatures. Some fire sprinkler heads are made to go off at 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be placed over an area where temperatures are likely to get high, like a BBQ area or kitchen. Harden Fire Protection can make sure that you have the right fire sprinkler heads for the right conditions.

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